How can I cut down the huge wedding expenses in Kerala?

7 smart ways to cut down your wedding costs

So you’ve started planning your wedding. While you might have a dozen ideas in mind for the food, décor, and attire you want, it’s important to decide on your budget at the outset. If you have a limited budget, but still want to have a grand wedding, here are a few ideas to help you cut corners without compromising on quality.

Book the right venue!
Tenebie George, Co-founder of wedding planning firm Events by Iten, “Instead of an upscale hotel or resort or banquets within the city, choose a venue like a convention centers in the outskirts to save on costs.” Wedding planners having also suggested these types of wedding celebrations. This method can save costs up to 25% on food & beverages rather than resorts or banquets menus.

Go for Kerala Traditional Sadhya / Kerala Meal
Food is one area where you can save a lot. “Avoid serving too many non-veg menus, as these increase the cost per plate. On average, hotels and banquets charge Rs. 600 – 1200 per plate, whereas caterers will charge only Rs. 350-550 for each guest.”

Try Modern Contemporary Stage decors
Choose out-of-the-box décor Traditional decorations for a wedding venue can eat into your budget. “You can save by decorating your venue with lights and artificial flowers, instead of using fresh flowers and fabric.” You can also think out of the box and enlist the help of local craftsmen or use upcycled objects to add a quirky touch to your wedding décor for a fraction of the cost. We, Iten, are specialized in contemporary stage design sets & outfits.

Get your outfit stitched or rent it
Another major expense is that of wedding outfits, which are only worn once, but can be very expensive. In Kerala, some handcrafted wedding fashion designers like Pranaah, Label M, Laskhaaya and more “Some designers now offer buyback schemes for wedding dresses. Another pocket-friendly trend is that of choosing a design and getting the outfit tailored locally.”

Give traditional wedding cards a miss
Traditional wedding card invites are passé. “Come up with ideas for creating personalised e-invites, or set up a wedding website or save the wedding video invitation that your guests can access. This way, you will save on the costs of printing and dispatching wedding cards.” If some of your relatives aren’t tech-savvy enough to appreciate an e-invite, consider printing only a small number of  ..

How you can save on wedding expenses
Doing your research and making a few small changes can help you save significantly on almost every aspect of your wedding budget.

Note: Calculations assume a gathering of 250 guests. Actual costs may vary according to the venue and package you choose.

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